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Iditarod Mural Painting With Wyland Remembering Exit Glacier Tribute to Rockwell Kent


The beautiful seaside town of Seward was officially designated, “Mural Capital of Alaska” in 2008 at the completion of the town’s 12th colorful mural. This achievement resulted from the enthusiasm and energy of a group of local artists and art lovers who began volunteering their talents in 1999 to paint the town!

Jennifer Headtke, Seward’s premier muralist, first brought artists together in a group experiment painting panels on the high school gym floor. The group has since grown into a “Society” of devoted muralists and has become the Visual Arts Arm of the non-profit Seward Arts Council.

The Mural Society paints to bring life to Seward’s unique historical characters and events and to celebrate the beauty and spirit of Alaska.

Come and watch as we paint a mural during Seward’s annual Music and Arts Festival each September. But now, take a visual walking tour of our “Mural Capital of Alaska”. Step back in time, relish Seward’s natural beauty, relax, and enjoy….


Mission Statement

The mission of the our non-profit Seward Mural Society is to promote and create public art in the community of Seward as we...


View a Video of Some of the Murals

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