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Postcards of the PastPostcards of the Past

1999 – Master Artists – Jennifer Headtke and Jeannie Shirk.

This scrapbook style mural was our first completed project. It depicts Seward’s 1903 founding as the southern terminus of the Alaska Railroad and also includes representations of other historical photos.

Location - On the north side of the McMullen building at 222 – 4th Avenue.

Mount Marathon

Mount Marathon

2000 – Master Artist – Susan Swiderski

This, our second project, commemorates Seward’s famous 4th of July Mount Marathon foot race. Notes on the race’s conception and the list of annual winners are included.

Location - On the north side of Seward’s Senior Citizens’ Center on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Jefferson Street.

Apologies to Rockwell Kent

Apologies to Rockwell Kent

2001 – Based on a design by Famous Artist/Writer Rockwell Kent

This quilt pattern mural was created with panels that were painted independently by Mural Society artists. Something of an experiment, the artists did not see each other’s work until their panels were assembled.

Location - Behind the Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor Center on the public restroom.

Wildflower Quilt

Wildflower Quilt

2001 – Mural Society Group Design

This colorful patchwork mural celebrates our vibrant Alaskan wildflowers. Sixteen artists participated in designing and painting this artwork.

Location - On the waterfront, on the north side of the public restroom situated between Madison and Monroe Streets off Ballaine Blvd.

The Dawn of Aviation

The Dawn of Aviation

2001 – Master Artists – Jennifer Headtke and Tim Sczawinski

Aviation has held an important role in the history of Alaska. This mural represents the many individuals and numerous small air charter companies that have played a part in Alaska’s growth and progress.

Original Location - Old Elk's Building downtown Seward




The Dawn of Aviation Updated

Redesigned and painted in 2005

New Location - On the north side of Resurrection Body Works at 231-5th Avenue.

The Iditarod Trail

The Iditarod Trail

2002 – Master Artist - Jon Van Zyle

This beautiful mural honors Seward as the beginning milepost of the historic Iditarod Trail.

Location - On the north side of the TelAlaska building on the corner of 4th Avenue and Jefferson Street.

Tribute to Commercial Fishing

Tribute to
Commercial Fishing

2003 – Master Artist – Tom Missel

This brightly colored mural pays homage to the men and women who make their livelihood from commercial fishing off our vast coastline.

Location – On the north side of Oriental Gardens Restaurant the corner of 4th Avenue and Church Street.

Chart of the Entrace to Resurrection Bay

Chart of the Entrance to Resurrection Bay

2004 – Mural Society Rendition of a Rockwell Kent drawing

This reproduction of a whimsical 1919 Rockwell Kent drawing was painted by 20 local artists.

Location – On the north side of a residence on the corner of 6th Avenue and Adams Street.

Painting With Wyland

Painting With Wyland

2005 – Renowned Environment Artist – Wyland

With no prior design, Wyland challenged the Seward Mural Society to a 3 hour, impromptu, outdoor creativity event. Together they designed and painted this festive mural of Resurrection Bay.

Location - Inside the railroad building.

Seward, Gateway to Alask

Seward - Gateway to Alaska

2005 – Master Artist - Jennifer Headke Commissioned by the Alaska Railroad

This mural celebrates the Alaska Railroad, and Seward as the Railroad’s southern terminus.

Location – Inside the Alaska Railroad Building.

Welcome to Seward

Welcome to Seward

2006 – Master Artist – Jennifer Headtke

This welcoming mural commissioned by the Alaska RailRoad greets tourists entering the cruise ship terminal.

Location - In the Alaska Railroad Building.


Wildflower Garden

Wildflower Garden

2006 – Master Artist – Gail Neibrugge

This colorful medley illustrates the bounty of Alaska’s wildflowers.

Location – In Kawabe park on the corner of 4th Avenue and Adams Street.

Remembering Exit Glacier

Remembering Exit Glacier

2007 – Master Artist – Dot Bardarson

This mural, our largest to date, pays tribute to Seward’s own Exit Glacier. Here the artist has captured the glacier in its prime lest we forget its grandeur as it slowly marches in recession up the valley.

Location - On the Alaska Vocational Technical Center’s Student Service Building on 4th Avenue and Madison Street.

Mt Marathon Climbing Wall

Mount Marathon Climbing Wall

2008 – Master Artist – Dot Bardarson

This mural was designed as part of Seward’s PARKS playground project -

Location – In the playground on the Waterfront off Ballaine Blvd. at Adams Street.


This mural was designed in celebration of the Centennial celebration of our U.S. National Park System, focused on Seward's Kenai Fjords National Park.

Kenai Fjords

2008 – Master Artist – Ed Tussey

This mural was designed in celebration of the Centennial of our U.S. National Park System, focusing on Seward's Kenai Fjords National Park.

Location: To be determined.

Our Flag Flies in Washington

Our Flag Flies in Washington

2009 – Master Artist – Dot Bardarson

One of two murals painted in celebration of Alaska's Statehood, this  mural has as it's focus, the beautiful Alaskan state flag.  Designed by Benny Benson while he lived in Seward's Jessie Lee Home.   The orphanage, young Benny, and the state capital are some of the images captured by Dot in her signature vibrant, flowing style. This mural was painted during the 2009 Seward Music Festival, the last weekend in September, 2009.

Location - The Seward Elks Club and Masonic Hall, 419 5th Ave (5th and Jefferson)


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